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A Bar Full of Cow Bones? Really?

After spending the day relaxing on the white sand beaches of Anegada, all that sunshine is gonna make you thirsty. And when you need a drink stat, there’s only one place to go: Cow Wreck Beach Bar.

Tucked away on the northwestern end of the island, Cow Wreck Beach Bar is a solitude seeker’s dream. After trekking there, you’ll be rewarded with friendly locals, pristine water just steps from the bar, a few villas if you choose to stay the night, and possibly some cow bones. Confused? Let us explain.

Why Cow Wreck Beach Bar and not something like, oh we don’t know, Shipwreck Bar? Turns out, “cow wreck” isn’t just some random memorable name.

In 1929, a 380 foot-long steel freighter called The Rocus was heading from Trinidad to Baltimore with a cargo full of cow bones that would later be ground into fertilizer. Unfortunately, The Rocus made an unexpected and final stop on the southern tip of Anegada’s treacherous Horseshoe Reef. Whoops!

Since the wreck, the ocean floor has remained eerily scattered with cow bones. As for the freighter, it’s still lodged on its starboard side just beneath the water’s surface and has barely budged an inch since ‘29. Spooky, but now the bar’s name makes more sense, right?  

The Cow Wreck Beach Bar totally celebrates its wacky history, and you’ll find a washed up cow skull hung on the walls of this super chill beach shack. Walk in and ask the bartender for the “cow killer,” a special (and especially secretive) take on the rum-filled Painkiller. Brace yourself, the crazy delicious concoction will melt your brain and has a three drink limit! Pair your cow killer with the bar’s famous conch fritters (we wonder they rival those at Margaritaville Key West) for a true taste of paradise in paradise.

Strong cocktails and deep fried conch. Does life even get any better?  

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