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Three Bars You’ve Gotta Hit in Vieques

Hugh Duffy is pretty legendary in Vieques. He put up his first Vieques bar in the 1970s, and he’s never looked back. Duffy was a merchant seaman for 13 years in his youth, and he traveled frequently between New York and Havana during that time. All his bars try to emulate his favorite joint in Havana, which always had a mixture of local characters and tourists that seemed to meld perfectly. And Duffy succeeds in some melding of his own – in all his spots, tourists and locals can comfortably dine and throw some back together. Because he’s built so many Vieques bars over the years, we’re givin’ you all the options! Do we know you or do we know you?

Bananas – Bananas offers casual drinks and easygoing food in a location facing the sea. What’s not to like about that? There’s also a Bananas Guesthouse next to the bar, in case you need a place to crash. Make sure you visit the rooftop terrace for a helping of stars with your Piña Colada.

Duffy’s – Actually owned by Hugh’s son Mikey, Duffy’s is a casual beach shack with upscale bar food. Cocktails are cheap, and there’s a wide selection of ice-cold beer. And nothing is more important than ice-cold beer (Landshark, of course, is our first choice). Also good to know: Duffy’s Bloody Mary’s are locally celebrated for their curative properties after a rough night. We’ve got your back.

The Tin BoxCome for the fresh food in a tree house setting, overlooking organic gardens. Try the green Bloodless Mary with 18 different herbs and vegetables from the gardens right out back, or their refreshing Watermelon Margarita.

Duffy’s bars bring the island community together with their delicious food, strong drinks, and laid-back vibes. Visit one (or all three) ASAP to befriend a local over some Bloodless Marys. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

We also thought you might be interested to know that Duffy hired Mama Cass to waitress at his bar in St. Thomas when the Mamas and Papas were just getting started. So he’s kind of famous!

Photo by angelaortizmusic (Flickr Creative Commons)