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Must-Visit Attractions Near Margaritaville Biloxi

On a small stretch of beach along the 62 miles of Mississippi shoreline, Biloxi has a laid-back coastal vibe and quintessential southern charm. Known for its gumbo, jet-skiing, oysters, and soft sand, this city is a gorgeous little getaway that captures the spirit of Jimmy Buffett’s home state.

Biloxi is also home to the newest addition to the Margaritaville family. Situated on the coast overlooking Deer Island, this new resort will take your family straight to paradise; it features the largest entertainment complex on the Gulf Coast, the LandShark Bar & Grill, a swim-up bar, water slides, and so much more. Venture outside of Margaritaville and you’ll find that Biloxi also has so plenty to offer. Here are some of our top picks:

Biloxi, with its mixture of rich history and fun family-friendly activities, is a classic getaway destination that won’t disappoint. There’s plenty to discover here on the endless beaches and quaint city streets.

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Feature Photo: MSMcCarthy Photography