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You’ve gotta see this wild roadside attraction

“Oh my God!” The 3 most common words uttered from visitors when they first lay eyes upon the Abita Mystery House. Now, exactly what is it that inspires such a dramatic reaction? Is it Darrell, the half-alligator half-dog (dogigator)? Maybe it’s the UFO that crash landed into its airstream trailer. The expectations of a good roadside attraction are that it must be all things weird and strange. Hailed as “Louisiana’s most eccentric attraction,” The Abita Mystery House has plenty of “weirdness” to go around.


 “One man’s junk is another man’s art as they say.” Or is it treasure? Not sure who they are but never has a statement been more appropriate when it comes to this strange oasis. Located about an hour north of Nawlins is Abita Springs. Yes, that Abita; the one where all that Purple Haze you’ve been drinking was originally brewed. Artist/inventor John Preble had a dream, a dream to bring to life a fantastical world that is deeply rooted in Louisiana culture and folklore. With the help of over 50,000 found and recycled objects, Preble was able to create a miniature wonderland worth of exhibits including a Mardis Gras parade, a New Orleans Jazz Funeral, and even a haunted southern plantation. For all you history buffs out there, these incredible creations are housed inside a 100 year old Louisiana Creole cottage. And because why not, a vintage service station sits out front if you happened to somehow only be there for a quick refill.


Wow, we’ve come all this way and have only mentioned the Dogigator once. And Edmond the Allisapien? Well, let us to be the first to introduce you to sir Edmond. He’s the half-human half-alligator that’s good pals with Darrell and the others. The Abita Mystery House is that crazy roadside attraction you didn’t think actually existed. A fever dream of southern art meshed with carnival attractions make this place more than just a pit stop, it’s a Louisiana institution. Remember, “To See is to Believe” – They.

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