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Be the DJ with Radio Margaritaville’s Fruitcakes on the Radio! Meet Dan.

This week’s Radio Margaritaville Guest DJ is Dan Bergan:

Dan Bergan - Fruitcakes on the Radio

“It is an honor to be chosen to be the “Fruitcake on the Radio”. My wife and I enjoy travelling as much as we possibly can. Jimmy Buffett’s songs have always had a permanent playlist both on my iPod and in my head as we traverse this great planet. Whether it was when we went to Paris looking for answers to questions bothering me so, or just wanting to go back to Cartagena (we were there in 2014), there is always a Jimmy song to accompany our journey.

We have seen the sun set over Mallory Square (Tin Cup Chalice), been to Captain Tony’s (Last Mango in Paris) and have literally been to the Banana Republics. We have sailed on to Antigua (Fins) and had coffee too strong at the Café Du Monde (Wino and I Know). We’ve been to the Margaritaville Hotel, Lulu’s (I highly recommend the Gumbo) and too many Margaritaville Cafés to mention. My Fruitcakes set list is very travel oriented.

My greatest adventure is yet to come, but you will need to tune into my Fruitcakes program to see where we will be heading next….

Fins Up!”

Enjoy Dan’s show starting tomorrow, August 23, at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

You can also listen again this Friday at 9am ET, Sunday at 11pm ET and Monday at 9pm ET on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville Ch. 24 AND here:

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