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Introducing Margaritaville Life

Life is better when you surround yourself with “the best.” The best food, best music and certainly your best friends. Likewise, your health is better when your foods and supplements include only the best. Margaritaville Life, from Margaritaville Foods and NaturesPlus, is a line of tropically sourced products that promote overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Margaritaville Life uses only the highest quality, ethically produced ingredients, allowing you to relax and enjoy their full, healthful benefits. Discover the benefits of a Tropically Healthy Lifestyle!

High Protein Smoothie
Margaritaville Life High Protein Smoothie is a protein-rich, whole food, antioxidant drink mix perfect for anybody looking to improve health, energy and vitality.  Tropical whole foods like pomegranate, guava and pineapple make this smoothie mix a delicious, island-inspired option as a healthy dietary supplement or meal replacement when mixed with milk, water or a liquid of your choice. Combines 20g of strength-building whey protein with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and anti-aging antioxidants to promote overall well-being, healthy recovery, inflammation control and healthful hydration.


Coconut Oil
Tropically-sourced, smooth and creamy Margaritaville Life Coconut Oil has a myriad of health benefits and is sure to transport you to the tropics when incorporated in your daily routine. Add it to smoothies for enhanced brain-boosting and heart-healthy benefits, add to a diet plan as a healthful source of fatty acids to support weight loss, use as a healthy substitute in recipes and apply to skin and hair as a clarifying moisturizer.


Whole Food Multivitamin
Margaritaville Life Whole Food Multivitamins pack more than 50 fruits and vegetables, including tropical whole foods like acai, banana and passion fruit, in two convenient mini tablets made for the whole family (ages 12+). The formula has an array of healthful benefits to address all systems of the body with immune-boosting ingredients, powerful antioxidants, probiotics and a live enzyme blend that help with digestion and absorption of healthful nutrients in foods.