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Margaritaville University: Meet Danielle

Every month, a top-of-their-class ambassador is crowned Margaritaville University’s Ambassador of the Month. This month, Danielle B. from Penn State took home the gold. Wondering how to be better than the best? We asked Danielle how she managed to do it…

What is your name?

What school do you go to?
Penn State (WE ARE!)

What is your major?

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Iʼm from Manalapan, New Jersey. Luckily the beach is only a short drive away! Whether itʼs going to the beach, visiting New York City, or just hanging around, I love spending time with my parents and older sister, Jessica. My favorite sport to watch is football (Go Giants and Penn State!) At Penn State, I enjoy being involved with Best Buddies, working with adults with special needs; THON, raising money to find a cure for pediatric cancer; and the Sports Business Club. This is my first semester as a Margaritaville University Ambassador, and Iʼm loving every minute of it!

How did you find out about Margaritaville University?
One day my friend had a Margaritaville University koozie on her Snapchat story. Being a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, I immediately asked her where she got the koozie. She told me that she got it from a Margaritaville Ambassador on our campus. That day I looked into the program and thus began this amazing experience!

What have you learned professionally from the College Ambassador Program?
I had an idea to reach a large amount of students through a sporting event at Penn State. I was working with a Marketing Manager to try to make an event happen; however, due to contracts and logo agreements, the event I was so excited about fell through. Professionally, I learned a lot from that situation. I enhanced my communication skills. I learned that itʼs really important to be persistent and follow-up in order to make sure your voice is being heard. People are often busy, so maintaining constant communication is key in order to prevent being lost in the shuffle. I also realized that itʼs okay to dream big, but not every amazing idea will become reality.

Barefoot or Flip Flops?
Flip Flops! Iʼm afraid to step on a pop-top!

What is your favorite tropical destination?
The Bahamas! Iʼm so glad that a Margaritaville restaurant is now on Paradise Island. It was so fun to visit on my recent Spring Break trip.

What is your favorite Margaritaville University product?
While itʼs very hard to pick from all of the Margaritaville swag, my favorite Margaritaville University product is the Fins Up Flag. Itʼs a great element to help increase branding! I think itʼs awesome how it brings all of the ambassadors together.

Everyone takes the flag wherever they travel to — I love seeing all of their pictures! I also have so many people asking me where they can buy the flag, which just proves how cool it is!

If you could spend a day with Jimmy Buffett, what would you do?
A day with Jimmy Buffett would be a dream come true! Weʼd be in sunny Florida enjoying the beach weather. Specifically, I think going to Key West would be awesome because Iʼve never been there and thatʼs a huge part of all things Margaritaville. Heʼd show my family and me around the area. I would ask to hear some of his cool stories. Weʼd 100% have Cheeseburgers in Paradise for lunch, or dinner, or maybe both! At night there would be a beach party! @JimmyBuffett if youʼre reading this Iʼm available whenever you are!

If you could create a new Margaritaville University product, what would it be?
I would make a Margaritaville University winter hat/beanie. That way when Iʼm walking to class in the freezing cold Iʼll still have a little bit of sunshine with me.

What is your favorite Jimmy lyric?
Sorry I couldnʼt choose just one! “Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair” – Knee Deep “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane” – Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

What is your first Margaritaville memory?
Growing up, my dad would play Jimmy Buffett on his guitar and we always listened to his music on the way to the beach. My first-ever concert was of course Jimmy Buffett! It was so amazing to see him live and to look around an arena filled with Fins Up! At one point, my dad and I went to get concessions. The man in front of us told my dad that he wanted to pay for our food because he was so happy to see a young Parrothead. If that doesnʼt prove that Jimmy Buffett fans are the best, I donʼt know what would!

Why is Margaritaville, and its values, something that needs to be shared?
Margaritaville values having a positive attitude. In my mind there are two main sides to this state of mind — “License to Chill” and “Itʼs 5 oʼClock Somewhere”. “License to Chill” means finding relaxation and peace, while “Itʼs 5 oʼClock Somewhere” finds an escape through having fun and partying. I think the state of mind needs to be shared because it helps individuals find balance in their lives. Itʼs unrealistic to have a life without any stress or problems, but knowing the importance of relaxation and letting loose helps relieve that stress and turn negatives into positives more quickly. Margaritaville helps bring sunshine to me even on cold, rainy days — sharing that same sunshine with others helps make the world radiate.

Interested in becoming a Margaritaville University College Ambassador? Applications are now rolling for Fall 2018.