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Margaritaville University: Meet Savannah

Hey everyone! My name is Savannah Singer and I am a Junior Fashion Merchandising Major at the beautiful University of Delaware. Sadly, it is not summertime all year round in the state of Delaware but joining Margaritaville University definitely makes it feel like it. I love being part of Margaritaville because I can always count on it to be my sunshine on a rainy day or the motivation I need to get me through the crazy and stressful lifestyle of a college student.

Being part of such a great brand that encourages a stress free lifestyle and fun-filled environment is the exact thing a college student needs. That is what drew me to become part of Margaritaville University the most. Come spring semester, I now find myself jamming to Margaritaville rather than studying because if listening to Jimmy Buffett doesn’t change your mood for the better, then you are doing something wrong. I have even come to witness the power behind his songs in a restaurant where I used to work. Jimmy’s songs helped take complete strangers in the restaurant and turned them into a giant family.

I am also in the Arts and Sciences College at UDel and being a part of the Margaritaville College Ambassador Program has been an amazing bridge between my major and preparing me for the experiences that students don’t always get in the classroom. The program has allowed me to apply my knowledge from my major to get results that benefit the Margaritaville brand in a positive way. In the fashion industry, there are a lot of group settings where everyone works together to complete a task. Similarly, in Margaritaville you’re working with other ambassadors to brand better on campus and really show how great Margaritaville is. This directly translates to my major and will help me in the future when branding for another company. I cannot thank Margaritaville and their amazing team of established men and women enough for allowing me to be a part of the brand and what also feels like a family. Not just the brand, but the lifestyle is changing the lives of college students for the better one semester at a time and I feel so lucky be a part of it all.

So, thank you Margaritaville and FINS UP!