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How to Spend Three Days on Holbox Island

When you stay at the new Margaritaville® St. Somewhere by Karisma, Punta Coco, even a weekend is filled with wonder.

While most vacationers flock to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, savvy sun-seekers lookingfor a more secluded, off-the-beaten-path escape venture just north of the Yucatán Peninsula to Holbox Island —a beautiful, laid-back island that’s somehow managed to stay under the tourism radar for years.

As soon as you arrive, you’ll realize that Holbox Island is the definition of a tropical paradise. It boasts pristine, nearly virgin beaches with calm, crystal-clear waters and sugar-white sand. Plenty of lush natural beauty that’s home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Dense mangrove forests, tranquil lagoons, and bioluminescent bays that glow with soft blue light at night. And charming fishing villages that cherish tradition and beckon with easygoing hospitality.

You won’t find any high-rises, cars, or paved roads here. In fact, Holbox Island is completely devoid of the hustle and bustle you might encounter on the mainland. And although it’s easily accessible from Cancun International Airport —just a short drive and ferry ride away —it feels like a totally different world, one that’s simpler, wilder, and more in tune with nature.

Holbox Island is also home to the new Margaritaville St. Somewhere by Karisma, Punta Coco —a stunning, intimate boutique resort that unlocks all the magic of this unforgettable destination. Those who have visited Holbox Island will tell you that a getaway to this inimitable oasis is well worth it, even if you only have a weekend to spare. Here are just some ideas on how you can spend three days in paradise.

Day 1

Holbox Island features some of the most beautiful, untouched beaches in the region. Relax and recharge after your travels by spending a day on Coco Beach, St. Somewhere’s breathtaking sweep of private, picture-perfect shoreline. Dotted with gently swaying palm trees and bathed in warm, golden light by day,this idyllic beach is the perfect place to unwind in a daybed or cabana. At sunset, it serves as the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll with your special someone. The water here is also extremely calm year-round and shallow. Enjoy refreshing dips in between sunbathing, and look for seashells along the sandy ocean floor as you wade out.

Day 2

Now that you’re well-rested and sun-kissed, spend a day exploring the island’s bountiful nature. Holbox Island is part of the sprawling Yum Balam Nature Reserve, which encompasses 154,052 acres of on-shore and off-shore territory. Set out on a bird-watching tour by day, and try to catch a glimpse of local species like white ibis, white gazelle, pink spatulas, and herons. You can also explore Holbox Island’s many lush mangrove forests by kayak, home to all kinds of diverse wildlife from pink flamingos to alligators. And after sundown, visit a bioluminescent bay just steps away from the resort. At night, the waters that gently lap the shore glimmer with the light of thousands of tiny glowing microorganisms —bioluminescent plankton that give off a blue shimmer.

Day 3

Before your weekend getaway comes to close, indulge in a delicious breakfast in your suite or at one of the resort’s two acclaimed restaurants. Choose from a wide range of tantalizing a la carte options, paired with a piping hot cup of coffee, tea, fresh-pressed juices, or mimosas.Afterwards, go for an invigorating stroll along the beach or spend some time poolside while sipping your favorite vacation libationfrom the Lone Palm swim-up bar. If you want to explore some of the resort’s activities, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. You can join a cooking class led by one of the resort’s master chefs. Join a game of beachside bocce ball with new friends. Or just grab a table at one of the resort’s two open-air restaurants and enjoy the sea views —margarita in hand. St. Somewhere offers something for every kind of traveler.