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Changes In Latitudes: Haha-Yo Meets Jimmy Buffett

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Picture this, you and a friend write a song about what it’s like for you to live like Jimmy Buffett.  You record it in a closet at your friend’s house and then decide to shoot a music video for fun.  You post the video on YouTube and a few months later you get a call from someone at Margaritaville telling you Jimmy loves it.  What do you do?

That is where our story begins with Tom Boyd and Luke O’brien, known to their fans as HaHa-Yo.  They are a hip hop duo from Westchester, PA and I know what you’re thinking, hip hop?  How does that work in Margaritaville?  If you check out their Jimmy Buffett video here you’ll see what JB saw and understand the appreciation.  The song and video are a mix of hip hop and beach life that is catchy and comical.  It’s not someone trying to sound like Jimmy Buffett.  It’s an entire new way to listen to Margaritaville without it being a cover.

We found Tom’s email and sent him a message asking him for his phone number.  He wrote us back and when we called him he admitted to being worried.  He thought he was in trouble and we told him that was not the case.  He couldn’t believe Jimmy had seen the video and heard the song.  We relayed the message JB wanted me to give him and told him that maybe one day our paths would cross to say thank you.  At the time Margaritaville TV didn’t exist and we didn’t know what to do with their hard work besides post it on our Margarillas Facebook page.  Tom was thankful for the call and more thankful to know his hero had seen the video and given it two fins up.

Two years later we get an idea and I talk to Jimmy about it.  I tell him we think we should fly HaHa-Yo out to Vegas for the last show of the This One’s For You Tour in Las Vegas, get them a hotel and have them report from the Margaritaville Flamingo Pool Party from JB’s Facebook and Twitter account.  This would be Margaritaville TV’s way of saying thank you for their song and video.  Jimmy loves the idea but then adds this, “On show day bring them to the Bing and Bong Show set so they can watch the live telecast.  When the concert is done have our video director play their music video on the big screen”.  I know, amazing.

Going one step further in the shameless entertainment category, Margaritaville TV sets this all up but asks HaHa-Yo to record their trip to Vegas leading up to Jimmy’s concert at the MGM Grand so we can feature it on Margartiavlle TV for all the fans to see.  The end product is a trip with Tom and Luke as they fly to Vegas, go out on the town, meet the Margarillas, go to the pool party, visit the License 2 Chill Lounge and then meet Jimmy Buffett backstage during the Bing and Bong Show.  Need I say more?  Just watch the four episodes when they debut on Margaritaville TV Friday, May 8 and you’ll see something that will make you believe even more in the power of Margaritaville.  Fins Up!