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7 Deliciously Sinful Margaritas

We’ve already shared with you the origins of the Margarita, but for National Margarita Day (our favorite holiday has arrived!), there’s nothing like a little indulgence. The 7 Deadly Sins might be a little much, so how about 7 Sinful Margaritas?

  • Pride: It was tough to match just one margarita to pride — after all, most margs (ahem, tequila) give us a little sense of pride once we’ve had one (or two or three). We’ve landed on the Watermelon Sriracha Margarita. Just enough sweet and spicy to make us believe we can do anything. 
  • Envy: It’s a delicious task to find a margarita with that perfect, envious, green color, and we think we’ve hit the jackpot with this one. A deliciously green recipe for the ever-refreshing cucumber lime margarita
  • Gluttony: We’ve all been there. Probably last weekend. Or last night. Or right now. No judgment from us, we promise. When thinking about two things we love the most… chocolate and tequila. Put them together? The decadent chocolate margarita
  • Lust: For this one, we give you two choices, depending on your lustful mood and who you’re with. Both red, juicy, luscious fruits with a delicious sweet flavor that pair perfectly with tequila: Pomegranate and Strawberry. Make one, or if you’re feeling up for a crazy marg-a-trois, both! 
  • Wrath: When we think of wrath, we’re thinking flavor with a strong kick. What else other than a spicy jalapeño infused margarita? Guaranteed to leave your tastebuds on fire. 
  • Greed: What do we pirates yearn for the most? Treasure. We’ve got the perfect drink to go along with that greed for gold and treasure… The Grand Gold Margarita.
  • Sloth: A tequila shot. Just a tequila shot. Because sometimes making a margarita is just too much work for our relaxed, beachy selves.

Got an even more sinful margarita in mind? Don’t keep it to yourself! Share your faves with us below.