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Learn Proper Lava Surfing Techniques (Yes, Lava)

Love hanging ten? Well, surf’s up (way, way up) in Nicaragua: at the top of a volcano! Yes, you read that right. Atop the 726-meter active Cerro Negro volcano, you will ride waves made not of salt water, but of cooled lava pebbles.

The glorious discovery of volcano-surfing was made on a sunny day back in 2004 when Daryn Webb was brilliant (or crazy) enough to haul a stolen hotel minibar refrigerator up the volcano in hopes of sliding down the other side. You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently a fridge didn’t prove fast enough, so Webb tested out his mattress and even his own front door before deciding to craft the ultimate volcano surfboard–a hybrid between a sled and a longboard.

Here are the key points to mastering this daredevil activity:

  1. You’ll put on a convict-style orange jumpsuit. It’s very flattering, of course.
  2. Next, you’ll start trekking up Cerro Negro with your board. You’ll have plenty of time to soak in the beautifully stark landscape, because hiking up is going to take an hour!  
  3. Once you’re finally at the top (phew!), your guide will give you a quick breakdown on surfing success.
  4. To prepare for the ultimate exhilarating experience, take a breath, sit or stand on your board as you prefer (true speed demons know that staying as close to the ground as possible will increase your speed), let your board tip downward and zip down.

So far, the speed surfing record down Cerro Negro is 60 MPH. Will you be the one to beat it?

Lastly, we could never leave you without a few wipeout videos. Cheers to a good laugh!