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What is This? A Center for Dogs?

Looking for a different kind of beach? One where you can bring your real best friend (of the animal variety) and get some incredible Instagrams? After you hit up Wekiwa Springs or wrestle some gators, head to the Southern tip of Ponce Inlet to Lighthouse Point Park, an absurdly dog-friendly beach. It’s basically a beach for your dog, more than for yourself.

Everyone is about be real jealous of those dolphin, manatee, and tortoise snapchats. Yeah, all those animals hang out at the Ponce Inlet. Sweet background (check) + Landshark beer (double check) + dolphins = rad selfie. And did we mention armadillos? They are literal living dinosaurs, guys, and they’re mostly blind and deaf. But they look crazy and that’s all that matters!

As day turns into night, you can camp out for that epic selfie as you watch space shuttles launch out of Cape Canaveral.  Sneak some Landshark on that ship for us, they’re gonna need it in space.

Lastly, climb that steep trip to the top of the striking lighthouse, where you can grab a sick view of the sunset, with Landshark in hand. #NoFilter necessary.