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Aye, Matey. Come To The Bar That Sounds Like It Was Made For Pirates

It isn’t every bar that feels the need to advertise that, yes, if you come in, there are tables here, but apparently it’s important to the owners of the Black Dog Bar & Tables that you know that, yes, we have tables. In any case, there’s more to the Black Dog Bar & Tables than the tables. It feels like a hideaway, even if everyone in Cedar Key knows about the place.

And for good reason. People love it here. It overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. The owners have become legendary for their friendliness. It’s the sort of place where the bartender sometimes plays chess with the guests, and going there just feels like you’re hanging out with a bunch of friends. In fact, in 2010, the readers of Florida Monthly voted it the Best Pub in Florida.

If you go, here are a few things you may be glad to know:

1.) It is a cash bar.

2.) While there are tables, you won’t put a lot of food on them. This isn’t a restaurant. They do cater, though. And they have some food, like peanuts and maybe meatballs in a crockpot. But primarily this is a bar, and we like it that way.

3.) They have outdoor seating. Did we mention this place overlooks the Gulf of Mexico? We did? Well, we’re mentioning it again.

4.) Most weekends, they have live music.

5.) They have barber chairs in the bar.

6.) And a dartboard. OK, that isn’t all that surprising. But it’s fun.

7.) They offer 100 craft beers.

8.) They have Cedar Key’s only cigar humidor.

9.) If you don’t like cigar smoke, this may not be the place for you.

10.) It’s pet-friendly. At least outside, dogs are welcome to sit with their owners at the tables.

What’s better than a drink with your best friend?