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MOVIES that were actually filmed in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its rich culture, historic charm and … film sets? Smartly dubbed Hollywood of the South, NOLA has played home to several box office hits, and we bet you’d never guess which ones.

Did you notice these flicks were actually filmed in The Crescent City? Ah, the wonders of film-making.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

planet of the apes

We know what you’re thinking… “Wait…isn’t that the Oakland Bay bridge on the cover?!”

Yep, this film was iconically set in San Francisco, but the majority was actually shot in Louisiana. A downtown intersection of New Orleans was completely transformed to mimic downtown SF for the Human Colony Set.

Jurassic World


In 2015, genetically engineered dinosaurs ruled New Orleans…or at least the set of this prehistoric thriller! The Jurassic World crew utilized a former Six Flags location to recreate the theme park vibe for the most densely populated sections of the movie.

Including a certain awesome scene with a certain famous someone we all know well…

jimmy gif_2

Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Parts 1&2)


Most Twilight fans were probably too focused on Taylor Lautner’s abs to notice their favorite sparkling vampires were actually in hangin’ out in Louisiana. However, many scenes from the popular saga’s final films were shot right in NOLA’s backyard.

Interview with a Vampire

interview with a vamp

Long before Twilight came to town, New Orleans was transformed into a dark, romantic feeding ground for vampires in this cult classic. Movie fans can even take a tour of Oak Alley Plantation to checkout Louis’ home place. Sign us up.