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3 movies for a rainy day

We’ve all been there, guys. You’re on the beach somewhere, basking in the sun — “making sweet progress on that tan!” — when out of nowhere, the puffy white clouds have been replaced by that dreaded grayness, and before you know it, it’s pouring. Grab your stuff and run.

Okay now that you’ve survived that stupid rain (good job, pat yourself on the back), let’s get down to next steps. Saunter back to your room, grab the snacks, and press play on one of these vacay-approved films. Before settling in, though, whip up a lil’ cocktail because… because.

Check out a few goodies below!

Thomas Crown Affair


Hands down, the sexiest investigation story to date. There’s intrigue, culture, and… Pierce Brosnan. Based on the 1968 film starring Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen, this Bond-style film has never made art insurance so hot. And if ever there were a female detective to model your career after (assuming you’re in the business, of course) Renee Russo’s your girl.





The Mask of Zorro


Two words: Anthony Hopkins. Go ahead and add Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, into the mix, and you’ve got one steamy cast.

If seeing these two beautiful people (we’re referring to the latter two on this one), weren’t exciting enough, just wait for the sword fights and horse races. You won’t be surprised to know that this movie definitely secured a new place in our hearts for the action movie genre.




The Princess Bride

Princess_brideThis list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this classic. Full of romance, adventure, hilarious dialogue, and characters that will literally make you laugh out loud, you cannot go wrong here, folks. And if there’s still any doubt, look up Miracle max and Impressive clergyman before watching. These two gems will surely convince you otherwise.





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