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5 Cows That’ll Make You Give Up Meat, And 5 Burgers That’ll Make You Start Eating It Again

Giving up meat is a tough choice, but these five cows really want you to quit eating their friends and eat some vegetabulls instead!


  • This adorabull little guy likes to chew his cud, hang out in the sun and not be in your hamburgers. He’s also a fan of playing in big fields.


  • How can you eat this guy’s family? I mean udder the circumstances Moo-cumber would prefer if you really ate a salad instead of meat but he’d also accept a veggie burger.



  • This heifer is as serious about you not eating meat, as he is about leg day. So come at him, bro, or really don’t because he’ll gore you to death.


  • Marguerite has an MFA in cow-reative writing from the Moo School where she wrote her senior thesis on 19th Century Cowboy-Herd Relationships.



  • A Cow in the fields but a steer on the farm, this little guy can’t help but make you think twice about what you stick in your mouth.

These adorable faces make some good points, but what’s that? Oh my tummy rumbling, are those some delicious hamburgers? Yes they are! And they’re adorable too. Let’s meat them!

1. Just A Plain Old Burger – Nothing special about this guy, but gosh does it make me miss eating meat. But those poor cows though.

2. Cheeseburger in Paradise – Oh now we’re talking. I mean the cheese the meat, even the bun. Hell this looks so good they’d even write a song about it.

3. These 3 Teeny Burgers – These baby burgers look so good, they make me want to scarf them into my mouth like Scooby Snacks.


4. This Cow-Sized Hamburger – Holy Cow, a hamburger that’s basically the size of a calf. This is enough to keep me going!

5. Honestly, we don’t need a fifth burger, did you see that Cheeseburger in Paradise? That’s where I’m going.