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8 Free Travel Apps You’ll Actually Use

Tis the season for vacationing! Whether you’re taking a summer road trip to your favorite beach or hopping the pond to explore new lands, we have eight tried and true apps you’ll want on your phone before going anywhere. These freebies are packed with valuable travel knowledge that will have you jet setting with ease no matter where your vacation takes you.

  1. TripIt

    1. No more needing to search your inbox for confirmation numbers and departure times. TripIt houses all of that info, giving you a one-stop shop to access during your travels.
  2. Hopper

    1. Knowing when to buy your airline ticket at the best price can seem like an unachievable task. Hopper analyzes billions of flight options to project the best time for you to buy your ticket.
  3. Waze

    1. Waze isn’t your ordinary map app. Instead of telling you how to get from point A to B, it creates the best route for you based on traffic information that is crowd sourced from other Waze users.
  4. Google Translate

    1. No habla espanol? No problem! This app will not only translate 102 languages by typing, you can also have it do the talking for you with voice translating options.
  5. GateGuru

    1. With GateGuru, you can scope out the amenities and restaurants available in your terminal from the comfort of your smart phone.
  6. WiFi Finder

    1. We’ve all been there before and it can be a scary place — WiFi-less. To help prevent you from falling into the black hole that is without internet, WiFi Finder shows you free WiFi access points.
  7. Yelp

    1. With Yelp, you can scope user reviews of all of the restaurants and businesses in your area until you find the one that’s perfect for your appetite and budget.
  8. Uber

    1. Need a ride? From affordable to premium and even carpooling options, a simple tap on the app will have an Uber driver to pick you up in minutes.