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Bring your A game to the beach

What would our outdoor parties be without yard games? Nothing, that’s right, nothing. Games are fun no matter how old or young you are, if you’re doing it right. So… what are you waiting for? Round up your guests and let the games begin. Maybe get a little competitive. Could get crazy, you never know!

Spike Ball

Popular among college students, picnickers, and basically anyone who watches Shark tank, this game has gotten some serious hype lately. And for good reason- this game is blast and not to mention, a great alternative to your morning gym regimen.

If in doubt about the rules, consult their official website; it’s very complete.


Combine a beanbag toss with horseshoes, add a frisbee to the mix, and you’ve got Kanjam!  In this game, teammates throw the frisbee toward the basket-shaped goal and even re-direct the disc to hit the goal before it falls to the ground. Be sure to include any frisbee enthusiasts on this one; they’ll be sure to love it!

Polish Horseshoes

Call us crazy, but any game that requires its players to hold a drink in hand definitely deserves a shout out, no?! Just in case you forgot/never learned, points are scored when the frisbee hits either the stake or bottle, or the receiving team fails to catch the Frisbee. Good luck and remember… don’t let go of your drink!

Bocce Ball

In need of a little cross-cultural collaboration among your guests? Take it from us and introduce bocce (ball) to your cosmopolitan party-goers. This will definitely appeal to the older generations and will surely entertain the younger ones, too.

FYI, this link is a great resource for those of you needing to brush up on your bocce knowledge or, should we say, conoscenza.