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7 waffle spots to try before you die

For some crazy reason, the waffle always seems to fall last in line on the breakfast list, secondary to fluffy pancakes and thick slices of french toast. Put that ridiculous hierarchy out of your mind and embark on a winding, wild waffle journey across America with us. Go to any one of these places (or all of them) and we promise you’ll never look back. Pancakes, shmancakes. #wafflesforever

Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles: Phoenix, AZ

Fried chicken and a couple waffles make for an unlikely but, ultimately, perfect pair. And Lo Lo’s, an epic soul food resto, is lit-er-ally all about it. They have one menu devoted entirely to their waffle selection, which is called, obviously, Lo Lo’s Hood Classics.  Choose from waffles with grits, mac & cheese, baked beans, a chicken breast and a wing, just thighs … basically any waffle combo you could dream up. And don’t miss the waffle egg and cheese sammie!

Mom and Pops Waffles: Morrilton, AK

This waffle joint has “mom and pop” in its name, which, to us, is all the cred they need. It’s a hole-in-the-wall kinda place, but these classic waffles will not disappoint. Note: Mom and Pops is so hard core, they don’t even have a website. You just have to go there.

Vic’s Waffle House: Tewksbury, MA

Home to the infamous Elvis Waffle, Vic’s is a must-visit. Can ya guess what’s in the Elvis? Yup: Peanut butter, bacon and banana … and a little more PB and banana on top. Because one can never have enough of that stellar combo. If that’s not decadent enough, order the Sports Bar Sundae Waffle, complete with ice cream, bananas, sweet strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and walnuts. Ice cream for breakfast all the way.

Cast Iron Waffles: Charlotte, NC

The best thing about Cast Iron Waffles? You can get a box of sugar-dusted, fresh out of the oven waffles TO GO! Pick up a box of 12, head back home, and enjoy at your leisure. We won’t even suggest sharing with friends. #allthewaffles

More Than Waffles: Encino, CA

This name of this eatery is kind of ironic, because you’re definitely going here only for the waffles. There are over 24 different types (yes, 24) and a crazy amount of topping combos. What a magical and glorious selection you have to choose from. Pro tip: bring friends and order a variety; you’re gonna want to try them all.

The Waffle Window: Portland, OR

Think of waffles only in the sweeter sense? Think again! The Waffle Window specializes in “savory” waffles, which go way beyond accompanying a piece of fried chicken. You’ve got your bacon, brie, and basil, cheddar jalapeño, and a veggie-tastic option too. Waffles for dinner, anyone?

Lincoln’s Waffle Shop: Washington, DC

Leave it to the Nation’s capital to get historical with their waffle shops. Legend has it that Abraham Lincoln himself was a regular here. His order? Waffles (dur), eggs and bacon. Every. Morning. If Abe valued breakfast that much, we should too.

Have you tried any of these spots? Seen the ghost of Abe Lincoln? Tell us about your favorite menu items, waffle toppings, dead presidents (whatever!) in the comments. And remember: Waffle on, friends. Waffle on.