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Going City Deep & Mountain High in Denver, Colorado

From city-dwellers to nature-lovers, Denver’s got it all, and we’ve got the spots you’ve gotta hit. Want experience Denver like a pro? Follow our lead. 

In the city? Check out these spots:


The Highlands

Stroll around The Highlands (a hip neighborhood downtown) and enjoy its Victorian houses, quirky art galleries, and beautiful parks. Pop into the Wooden Spoon for a sugar boost and indulge in an almond croissant – they’re best in town.


The Botanic Gardens 

Snag an Uber to The Botanic Gardens, a 23 acre park and home to more than 2,300 species of plants and 500 tons of gorgeous rock formations.  Teeming with regional plants like cacti and succulents, as well as internationally inspired gardens from Japan, China, South Africa and the tropics, this place will leave you inspired to start your own backyard oasis.



End your day in Lodo, Denver’s lower downtown area and heart of the city’s nightlife. Have dinner at the Euclid Hall Bar & Grill, a trendy restaurant known for its German-style pub food and great drinks. In town on game night? Visit Blake Street Tavern, where you can catch the Broncos from all 60 HD TVs over a giant pitcher of cold beer. Don’t expect any quiet nights if you’re visiting in-season. Trust us when we say that the whole town will be celebrating. Go Broncos!


In need of nature? We gotcha’ covered …


Red Rocks

Just a quick 15 miles from downtown Denver, Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre (originally known as the Garden of Angels) is a must-visit while in town. Take one of the many hikes along Dino Ridge or bring a picnic to the park itself, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, breathe in, breathe out, and take in those incredible views.


Glenwood Springs

Second only to the Rocky Mountains peaks themselves, no trip would be complete without a rejuvenating visit to one of the many mineral hot springs Colorado has to offer. Hop on the California Zephyr passenger train from Denver and two short hours later, you’ll be taking a dip in a giant, warm, natural pool, full of one million (yes, 1M!) gallons of water. If 90 degrees isn’t hot enough for you, the adjacent therapy pool is 104 degrees.


Estes Park 

Take a two hour drive to Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains! Stop by the visitor center downtown for recommendations on nearby hikes or worthwhile spots to check out. Just remember, temperatures drop quite significantly in the mountains so remember to bring layers. 

Happy trails, guys!