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Fitness Classes You’ll Love — Even If You Hate Working Out!

True story: sometimes putting on exercise clothes and getting to the gym is seriously tough. (And if we’re being totally honest, sometimes putting on the clothes alone is workout enough.) The bed is so cozy, your friends are waiting for you at the bar, there’s that new show on TV to watch… the list of excuses go on. How to motivate yourself to get movin’ is not an easy task, but we’re here to help! We found classes so fun, innovative and creative that even someone who’s never stepped foot in a gym will enjoy. Hey, ya’ never know. It could inspire a new exercise hobby.

Aerial Yoga

Don’t let the name deter you! Even non-yogis and those with a fear of heights can get to this class. Imagine yourself sitting on a soft, hammock-style scarf, breathing, stretching and relaxing. Sound like something you already do at the beach? It’s so popular that studios have popped up across California, Utah, Texas, Ohio, and pretty much any state on the east coast. All the more reason to check it out.


Always wanted to learn how to surf, but don’t live on a coast? Get excited, because Surfset is changing the water-sport game with it’s high-tech surfboard simulation… entirely indoors. This workout is bound to make you sweat but it’s so fun you won’t even feel it. Surfiest offers classes all across the country, so you can check that off your excuse list.

Throwback Fitness


Remember the days of middle school recess? Those gym doors would swing open and a world of kickball, dodgeball, wall-ball, hopscotch and countless other games appeared. Well, Throwback Fitness is bringing all of our courtyard-favorites back to life with their team-focused classes self-described as “Summer Camp for Adults.” They’re only in NYC as of right now, but plan to expand in the near future.


What if, instead of starting your morning rushing out the door (and maybe spilling coffee on the way), you could let loose at a 6am dance party? Welcome to Daybreaker — the early morning rave sensation sweeping the nation. Wake up and dance your face off with a community of like-minded friends and start your day off right. From DC to London to Chicago, Daybreaker is taking over the fitness space, one party at a time.

Trampoline Fitness

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Didn’t think the trampoline could be a form of exercise? Guess again! No trampoline skills (are those a thing?) necessary for the latest work-out trend that’s popping up everywhere. All you’ve gotta do is show up, hop on, start jumping and forget all your worries. Check out your local gym or search for boutique studios.

Adult Gymnastics


Still reeling from all those crazy, impeccable summer games gymnastics routines? Check out an adult gymnastics class (at your local Y) and you’ll be mastering double layouts in no time. Well, maybe not layouts — but you might finally master that cartwheel or handstand you’ve been dreaming about. That’s almost as cool, right?

Circus Workouts

If gymnastics is a little too serious for your taste, join the circus! (We know you’ve always wanted to learn to juggle.) Circus classes include stilt-walking, tight rope lessons, parkour and (of course) lots of super cool and slightly scary aerial tricks. Hey, maybe that aerial yoga class will give you a leg (or arm) up! Either way,  a quick search for options in your local area is bound to reveal one of the many circus centers across the US that offer these classes to adult.