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Don’t Waste Your Precious Vacation: It’s Time To Unplug & Recharge

According to a recent poll conducted by NPR,  30 percent of Americans focus a significant amount of energy on work during their “getaways” — meaning that our stress is getting packed right alongside our bathing suits and flip flops.

It’s time to break the vicious cycle! Make the decision to truly disconnect next time you travel, using these five simple steps as a guide. After all, you and your iPhone do have something in common — at some point you just need to recharge.

Bring a Legit Camera

Sure, our phones have cameras that rival most top-notch digital SLRs, but you might be tempted to quickly check Facebook while snapping a pic of that palm tree. Bringing an actual camera allows you to leave the phone in the room so you can stay focused on the adventure ahead. With so many compact and easy-to-use professional cameras on the market, we promise it will be just as easy pressing that button on your phone.

Take a Yoga Class


For most of us, it wouldn’t be vacation unless lots of vegging out and eating were involved.  But to really revitalize, try choosing someplace that offers daily, healthy activities. That sunrise beach yoga class will help you to get into a deeper sense of relaxation and focus your mind back to taking care of you, instead of the to-do list waiting for you back at home.

Go to a Place Without WiFi


This might be tough (and there may be some days of withdrawal!) but going to a place with no Wi-Fi or cell phone signal will force you to be MIA from the world. (Your parents did it their whole lives and you never had cell phone access as a kid, so this can be done.) Or simply choose not to sign up for the Wi-Fi your hotel or resort offers. Trust us, the world will keep on spinning without you knowing every one of your Aunt Milly’s status updates or the latest memo from your boss.

Indulge in a Spa Service

Whether it’s booking a traditional massage or attempting a unique treatment like a ritual bath, there are tons of spa services all aimed at one thing — helping you detox from your busy day-to-day life. Find one that suits you and spend a little extra cash to decompress.


It may sound like a simple thing, but many Americans (42 percent to be exact according to The National Sleep Foundation) are sleep deprived, so getting some shuteye on vacay is a vital step to feeling recharged. Tom Brady and actress Brooke Burke-Charvet have even admitted to taking “sleepcations” where they book time off just to catch some zzzz’s.

Any tips we missed? Tell us your secret for completely unplugging during those precious vacation days.