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14 Fall Date Ideas To Land A Significant Other Before Winter Sets In

I don’t know about you, but entering the fall-winter season solo can be quite daunting. As the air turns chillier, the singles goosebumps are popping up. So, in an effort to fend off the frosty single blues, I’ve compiled a list of show-stopping fall date ideas that are sure to get you a permanent cuddle partner (and maybe more?) before the big chill sets in. These 14 fall date ideas are sure to impress — and snag you a significant other to keep on love lockdown well into wintertime. Also: Because dating should not be stressful!

  1. Bundle Up for this Romantic Autumnal Picnic. Sport your fave fall layers while sipping hot drinks and indulging in yummy seasonal snacks. Go to a park or a romantic rooftop and get your blankets on! Try a nighttime picnic for stargazing or a daytime spread if you’re a foliage freak.
  2. Lose Yourself in Fall Wine & Cider Tastings. Find your nearest local winery or brewery and make a day of it! Just be sure to sip, don’t gulp. Trust me, sloppy won’t keep them coming back. Been there, done that. Not a good look!
  3. Adam & Eve Go Apple Picking. Show Adam & Eve how it’s really done. Visit your local apple orchard and go apple-picking together. Sound too innocent? Don’t worry, you can indulge in a little original sin when you get home. And then make apple pie!
  4. Take a Hike & Get Lost in Each Other. Or get actually lost, freak out, and then you’ll really get to know each other! But hopefully you’ll stay on-trail and enjoy a romantic walk in the woods under a canopy of unrivaled fall foliage.
  5. Bonfire Bonding Over Smooches & S’mores. Build a romantic bonfire together on the beach or in the yard and bask in the glow. Go old school and warm up to some gooey s’mores. (Just don’t let anything catch on fire, k?)
  6. His & Her Pumpkin Carving. Personally, my favorite part about pumpkin carving is covering my hands in slimy pumpkin innards and eating the roasted seeds. But if you’re trying to impress your date, don’t sling slime or overeat pepitas! Instead, try making his and her lovestruck pumpkins. Carve out hearts for the eyes and make loving gourd-portraits of one another. Place them on the front porch together staring into each other’s hollow hearts.
  7. Hot Air Balloon Ride. If you’re anything like me (aka totally afraid of heights!) the thought of this date induces instant terror. But for all you fearless lovers out there, we’re counting on you to make it hot and high this fall. Call up your nearest hot air balloon company and peek the gorgeous fall colors from an embrace up above.
  8. We’re Going to the Zoo. Trust me, this is a winning date idea every time. Just don’t wear a scandalous Jane of the Jungle-inspired skirt and then have to unexpectedly meet your boyfriend’s mother for the first time. Oops!
  9. Build an Indoor Cozy Castle Pillow-Blanket Fort. Unleash your inner child and watch a scary movie and cuddle inside your homemade tent. String some Christmas lights, grab your favorite bottle of wine, and make it super romantic.
  10. Try a New Country Restaurant & Cozy Up by the Fire. Get adventurous and try out a new restaurant with your soon-to-be bf/gf. Indulge in a long, luxurious dinner by the fire. Just be sure to read the reviews before you go. No one wants couples food poisoning on a first date.
  11. Screen a Scary Movie Together in Your House or Backyard. Find a cheap projector online, or rent one from your local library. Next, pick out your favorite spooky flick and cuddle up together for protection! Just be sure to test out the projection before the date starts. Technical difficulties are no fun.
  12. Rent a Convertible for the Day & Get Lost in the Countryside. Let the wind blow in your hair and pretend you’re a 1920’s movie star! What’s more romantic than a top-down drive in the countryside through the foliage?
  13. Row Row Row Your Love Boat. Go to your local park and rent a rowboat. So romantic! As long as you don’t fall in. Oh, and definitely don’t pretend to know how to row before you go or you’ll be spinning around in circles in the middle of a slimy pond.
  14. Bring it Back to the Basics: Cook a Surprise Romantic Fall Dinner. Honestly, this is our favorite date idea. Sometimes… less is more. Go to your local farmer’s market and cook up a surprise dinner for your significant other. Trust us, you’ll have them eating out of your hands in no time. Unless you have no clue how to cook. In which case, guy or girl, you should learn! Until then, bow down to the back-up Seamless gods.