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Radio Margaritaville Lets YOU Be the DJ! Meet Paul.

Show your love for Buffett’s music and the tropical lifestyle and dazzle your friends and family while you do it! Here’s how to enter:

Email [email protected], and include…
Your name:
Favorite Jimmy Buffett songs:


This week’s Radio Margaritaville Guest DJ is Paul Bosland fromĀ Las Cruces, NM:
Paul is the Director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. You’ll meet the ultimate cross between a Parrothead and a Chilehead, a man who’s professional life has been dedicated to the chile pepper, its research and its ever-increasing popularity. Jimmy Buffett’s music has provided the soundtrack for his life, both professionally and personally.

Enjoy Paul’s show featuring “God’s Own Drunk,” “Barefoot Children,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and ” Jimmy Dreams,” startingĀ tonight, March 29Ā atĀ 11pm ET/8pm PT.
You can also listenĀ again thisĀ FridayĀ at 9am ET,Ā SundayĀ atĀ 11pm ETĀ andĀ MondayĀ atĀ 9pm ETĀ on SiriusXMā€™s Radio Margaritaville Ch. 24 AND here:

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