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Radio Margaritaville’s Fruitcakes on the Radio: Chris from Columbus, OH

Show your love for Buffett’s music and the tropical lifestyle and dazzle your friends and family while you do it! Here’s how to enter:

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This week’s Radio Margaritaville Guest DJ is Chris Bender from Columbus, OH:
“Being a Fruitcake on the Radio has been on my Bucket List for a long time. Being a well salted Sailor who has sailed through 24 countries I have grown accustomed to the Pirate Life! Life is Good!”

Enjoy Chris’s show featuring “The Pascagoula Run,” “Banana Republics,” “Woman Goin’ Crazy on Caroline Street,” and “Lovely Cruise,” starting tonight, March 8 at 11pm ET/8pm PT.
You can also listen again this Friday at 9am ET, Sunday at 11pm ET and Monday at 9pm ET on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville Ch. 24 AND here:

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