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Happy National Beer Day! Celebrate with Us!

The best way to celebrate National Beer Day today? With a LandShark Lager, of course!

Gather some courage and bravely jump into our Margaritaville Shark Tank drink, featuring both LandShark Lager and some frozen margaritas. Two of our favorite things. Yum. 

When it hits 5 O’clock, mix up this recipe. You’ll thank us.

The Shark Tank

  • 6 oz. LandShark Lager
  • 6 oz. Of your favorite frozen margarita
  • 1 ea. Gummy shark

Make It

1)      Add gummy shark to the bottom of the glass
2)      Fill glass half way with frozen margarita
3)      Fill remainder of the glass with LandShark Lager
4)      Garnish with a lime wedge

Makes one 14-ounce serving. (But you’ll want more than one, we promise!)