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Be the DJ with Radio Margaritaville’s Fruitcakes on the Radio! Meet Krista.

This week’s Radio Margaritaville Guest DJ is Krista LienauĀ of Philadelphia, PA:

“Whether you are enjoying a Buffett concert, relaxing by the beach or simply driving along listening to Sirius XM, Jimmy’s tunes can’t but help you unwind and relax after being hard at work. Tequila, lime and salt don’t hurt either.

Enjoy the tunes I selected – I hope they put a smile on your face! They sure do every time I hear them – especially at a tailgate or concert! And that isn’t just the Jell-O shots talking. ?

Now turn on Radio Margaritaville and go grab a Landshark Lager or a margarita … it’s five o’clock somewhere!!!”

Enjoy Krista’s show, which features songs such as “Stars on the Water,ā€ “Knee Deep,” “Schoolboy Heart,” and “Quietly Making Noise,” starting tonight, July 26Ā atĀ 11pm ET/8pm PT.

You can also listenĀ again thisĀ Friday at 9am ET, Sunday at 11pm ET and Monday at 9pm ETĀ on SiriusXM’s Radio Margaritaville Ch. 24 AND here:

Listen to Radio Margaritaville Online


Show your love for Buffett’s music and the tropical lifestyle and dazzle your friends and family while you do it! Here’s how to enter:

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