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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes from Paradise

Tricks aren’t just for kids anymore. Treat yourself to these quick, clever and easy costumes right out of paradise!

Tropical Tourist
Must haves (that we all probably have!): A Hawaiian shirt, your polaroid, a tacky hat, sunglasses, socks with your sandals and a lei necklace.

Safety first! Red bathing suit, fanny pack, whistle. done.

Throw on your wetsuit and call it a day. Bonus points if you actually walk around with a surfboard or in flippers.

Tropical Fruit
Paint some seeds on a t-shirt dress and voilà… you’re a fruitie patootie.

Hula Girl
Bathing suit? Check. Hawaiian lei? Check. Grass Skirt? Check! Boat Drink? Double check!

LandShark Attack
Best for a quick group costume. All you need is a lifeguard, a surfer with some bandages and as many sharks as you’d like.

Shaker of Salt (& Pepper)
This is a great last-minute couples costume. One black shirt, one white shirt, cut- out letters and you’re done! If you really want to go all out, wear a silver hat as a cap.

What is your favorite DIY costume? Let us know @Margaritaville on Instagram or Twitter by using #Margaritaville and #CostumesFromParadise.