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MargU Spring Break Packing List

Spring break is approaching fast and it’s time to pack your bags! Planning for vacation can be an overwhelming task, especially when every midterm, essay and assignment are being crammed in before the break. Experts in escape, here’s our list of spring break essentials and packing tips and tricks to get you ready for vacay between classes:

  • Beach Attire: No shirt, no shoes, you probably won’t get service… Bring your favorite pair of flip flops, a Hawaiian shirt, a bathing suit and you’re set! Also, bring a comfy sweatshirt to cozy up in on cool spring nights.
  • Beach Bag: Bring a bag that can fit everything for a day of fun in the sun. You’ll be happy you did when trying to carry everything across the sand!
  • Beach Towel: Although we love having our toes in the water and bum in the sand, sometimes it’s nice to sit down on a dry towel.
  • Water Bottle: Between the LandShark and margaritas, make sure you’re keeping hydrated! Having a bottle that keeps your water cold, even in the hot sand, will make it easier to get your daily recommended fluids.
  • Sunscreen: Most of the tourists are covered with oil, but we know how important it is to take care of your skin! Pack some sunscreen to avoid getting burnt. Just in case, bring Aloe Vera to soothe your new tan.
  • Sunglasses: Pack your favorite pair of shades to be comfortable, look good and protect your eyes! It’s not a bad idea to bring a pair you don’t mind losing in the waves.
  • Beach Hat: Protect your face from the sun and look great in a baseball cap.
  • A Good Book: We recommend Tales from Margaritaville! There’s no better way to escape the stresses of daily life than the pages of a great story, and no better place to escape to than the beach!
  • Koozies: To keep your drink cold and your hand warm!
  • Cell Phone: And a charger. And a portable charger may come in handy when you’re taking selfies on the beach.
  • Camera: Speaking of selfies, bringing a portable camera or GoPro will up for photo game (and your likes on Instagram).
  • Journal: You take notes in class, why not take them on vacation? You’ll want to remember the details of your late night laughs, sunsets and adventures.
  • Snacks: Save some money by bringing your own snacks to the beach. This Nut and Fruit Mix is filling, nutritious and delicious! Also, nothing beats the classic chips and salsa!
  • Toiletries: From shampoo to Advil to your toothbrush, don’t get so caught up in the fun that you forget the small things!
  • Headphones: Listen to the soundtrack of paradise on the plane, in the car or on a train while impatiently anticipating listening to the sound of the waves roll in.

Now you have everything you need for your trip… but how are you going to fit it all in a suitcase?! Try these tricks:

  • Roll your clothes. This will not only save room but will stop your clothes from getting too wrinkled!
  • Stuff your shoes with smaller items. Another 2-in-1 trick both freeing up space and keeping your shoes from getting crushed.
  • Throw a bathing suit in your carry-on. Don’t let lost luggage make you lose beach time.
  • Bring a backpack. Most airlines allow both a carry-on and a personal item. By making a backpack your personal item, you maximize your luggage allowance and can skip checking a bag (therefore saving some cash too!)
  • Driving to your tropical paradise? Pack a smaller bag to keep in the front of the car for all the thing’s you’ll want readily available like water, a book, phone chargers, etc.

Where are you spending your spring break? Tag @MargaritavilleUniversity in your photos of the tropics for a chance to be featured on the page!