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Flag Around the World

Margaritaville University college ambassadors LOVE to travel. Who doesn’t?! Whether it’s studying abroad, spring break or a weekend getaway, traveling gives them, and all of us, a way to escape every day stress. Forbes even agrees with us, siting several evidence- backed ways traveling makes your mind happy and healthy including reducing stress, increasing creativity and more!

So, where do we like to travel? We all have our favorite vacation destinations and MargU college ambassadors have traveled the globe far and wide…bringing the Margaritaville state of mind (and flag!) along with them! From the U.S. to China, the Fins Up Flag has flown loud and proud, and here’s the proof:

Katie frequently travels from New Jersey to Australia to spend time with family abroad. The Fins Up Flag has made an appearance in the land down under on all of her trips!

Eileen vacationed in Aruba.

Dean Z. from University of Virginia traveled to Antarctica.

Alex is one of our Canadian ambassadors, regularly flying the flag on the snowy slopes. Madison jumped on the opportunity to travel to Banff, Alberta, Canada over Memorial Day weekend.

Christian studied abroad in China and officially marked it the 10th country that the Fins Up Flag has flown in!

Sydney traveled all over Europe during her study abroad. While in chilly Copenhagen, Denmark, she had to pull out the Margaritaville University flag to warm up the day!

Todd studied abroad in Costa Rica his very first semester as an ambassador. With the new Margaritaville Resort Playa Flamingo nearby and a constant state of Pura Vida, he had no problem sharing our relaxed mindset abroad.

Joey traveled to Egypt for a friend’s wedding and took the Margaritaville state of mind with him. Talk about a destination!

AJ and his guide hiked the highlands of Fiji this summer.

Jack traveled to Paris, France, where he grabbed a shot of the flag before eating the Last Mango in Paris.

Taylor with her Fins Up in Hawaii.

Sydney visiting the Chowmahalla Palace in India.

Elizabeth brought the Fins Up Flag to the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. While taking this photo, two Margaritaville fans happened to walk by and asked for a photo with the flag as well!

Mallory studied abroad in Florence, Italy and made sure to pack a flag with her for her travels. A trip to the Italian coast called for Margaritaville! Where is your favorite beach?

Lauren and friends spring breaking at the Margaritaville restaurant in Jamaica. Count me in!

Taylor, Isabelle, Julia and Cheyenne in Mexico. Obviously one of our most popular destinations among the college ambassadors, Margaritaville Cozumel is the perfect place to eat a cheeseburger in paradise. You can also grab a bite at the Air Margaritaville Cancun on your way home!

Carissa vacationed in Peru and carried the flag all the way up to Rainbow Mountain!

Victoria in Puerto Rico over spring break.

Jared and his wife vacationed in beautiful Thailand and Vietnam. Although he technically was using his vacation days, Jared couldn’t help but bring a little bit of Margaritaville along with him.

Where is your favorite travel destination? Let us know by tagging @Margaritaville and @MargaritavilleUniversity.