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Margaritaville Ambassador of the Month: Meet Katie

What is your name? Katie M.

What school do you go to? Florida State University

What is your major? Advertising and Tourism

How did you find out abo MargU? It was actually completely by accident funny enough. I’m from Pensacola, Florida, and I was applying for a summer job after my freshman year at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel and I somehow managed to find myself on the MargU website and was like “WOW. This seems like the perfect thing for me.” It was love at first sight and now I love it even more.

Favorite Jimmy Buffett song? Oooo that’s a hard one. Fins (the live version) is always a good choice!

What have you learned from the MargU? I’ve learned so much! I’ve definitely grown as a graphic designer and explored out of my comfort zone thanks to the challenges and contests the program hosts. I’ve also learned how to hold events and advertise around campus.

Ultimate Cheeseburger in Paradise? Nothing too fancy. Just cheese, bacon, ketchup, and lettuce. With a side of fries.

Which Margaritaville hotel or resort is at the top of your bucket list? Definitely Margaritaville Beach Resort Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica! It looks absolutely stunning

What would you choose as the MargU Mascot? I think a parrot named Jolly Mon would be cool.

When youā€™re not jamming to Jimmy Buffett, what are you listening to? I’m usually listening to Old Dominion, Zac Brown Band, Panic! At the Disco or just whatever my friends have on the radio.

If you could spend a day with Jimmy Buffett, what would you do? I think spending the day on a sailboat would be super fun!

How do you escape the stresses of everyday life? I love music so just spending a few minutes outside listening to some of my favorite songs relaxes me perfectly.

Why is Margaritaville, and its values, something that needs to be shared?
I think that it is vital for college students (and anyone really) to have that one thing that they can go to or do to relax. Margaritaville is something that helps every day seem like a beach vacation.