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Margaritaville at Sea: How to Book a Last-Minute Getaway

Last-minute getaways are always exciting – the thrill of an unexpected chance to relax or spend time with your partner or friends sends you right to your computer or phone to start making plans. Savvy travelers know how to optimize their trip to ensure it’s affordable, convenient and, most of all, enjoyable, and with reports showing that cruises are one of the most cost-effective ways to travel this year, a 3-day cruise can check all the unplanned-getaway boxes. Margaritaville at Sea, a floating island vacation, offers a guide to planning the perfect last-minute getaway with something for everyone. 

Look for short-cruise experiences

Short cruises are on the rise and offer significant benefits – they not only save money, but they are also perfectly structured and timed for a long weekend away. Short cruises run more regularly, so there is ample opportunity to book based on an unexpectedly free schedule. Similarly, relatively flexible cancellation policies provide greater peace of mind, making short cruises one of the best choices for a last-minute escape. Margaritaville at Sea exclusively offers a 3-day, 2-night voyage to the Caribbean – an ideal cruise length that transports travelers from the hassle of traffic, workday stress, and monotonous routines to a floating island paradise.

Look for cruises that have it all

When choosing a last-minute escape, look for cruises with options for both rest and adventure. Once aboard, it’s important to have the choice to opt-in or out of activities. For example, The Margaritaville at Sea Paradise, which sails from the Port of Palm Beach to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, offers diverse opportunities for entertainment and/or relaxing in casual-luxe comfort. On this floating island paradise, guests can enjoy award-winning dining, action-packed casino games, nightly musical shows, rejuvenating spa treatments, and relaxation under the sunshine or a sky full of stars for memorable vacation experiences.

Search for positive reviews and features

Without a lot of time to plan, reviews are an excellent way to make sure coveted time away is a rewarding experience. Experienced and knowledgeable sea-goers will give a good first-hand account of a getaway that delivers on rest, relaxation, entertainment, and adventure, and magazines like Travel & Leisure offer detailed features of cruise experiences. Margaritaville at Sea also recommends looking for reviews beyond fun in the sun and great dining experiences – find out what guests are saying about live music and entertainment, onboard service, and off-ship excursions. Cruise lines often have Facebook groups that can be helpful sources of information for fast planning.

Vacations, even short ones, should balance affordability with fun and adventure – they shouldn’t add to the same stress from which you’re trying to escape. Last-minute escapes are easy to plan when travelers are equipped with the right tools to book with confidence. The next time the grandparents are suddenly available to watch the kids, or a surprise vacation is gifted, last-minute travelers can rest assured that a 3-day cruise, such as Margaritaville At Sea, is a smart choice to spend that important time away.