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Where is Mr. Rubin’s Classroom?

It’s in the 5th grade somewhere between the port of Learning and Southeast of having a little fun… Okay, maybe more than a little bit… but still no parallels of latitude or longitude mark the spot exactly, unless you find yourself in room 21 at Elementary North. You don’t have to be a navigator to get there, just a student with a will to learn and ability to let go of your mistakes here and there. In Mr. Rubin’s class the palm trees and turquoise colored backdrop provide the camouflage, the creative and fun activities bring students back day after day. Passports are definitely not required and, of course, island music rules.

In Mr. Rubin’s class there is always the opportunity for Island Time. There are fun LEDs to bring the dance parties. Obviously, there are lots of stories to be shared (in the beach themed library of course). It really is a comical concoction that blends together like teachers, flair pens, and a little bit of coffee in the morning.

Where is Mr. Rubin’s class?

In the hearts of every single learner who walks through my doors.

Learning for all, everyone, every day.

-Mr. Jake Rubin

Margaritaville University was not only a huge part of my life in undergrad, but continues to be a huge part of my life now. Without the love and support of the Margaritaville team, my classroom would not have been possible. When becoming a teacher, I always told myself that it is my duty to make school fun again. I would tell every teacher, principal, and classmate that school shouldn’t feel like a job, but should be a fun place to learn. Through MargU I was able to find the balance in getting my degree while still thriving in the things that I love. Now that I’m in my own classroom, I teach my students the same thing. Life is all about a balance and you’re never too young to start living that Margaritaville lifestyle!