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Bucket List: Our Three Favorite Caves of Jamaica

You know we love the beach more than anything. But sometimes we need a change of pace on our island vacation. Just make sure to leave behind your fear of bats and let your inner explorer take over. The caves of Jamaica are a-waitin’.

Everything from pirate booty to weapons have been stashed away in the vast labyrinth of secret caves and underwater passageways winding through the island. Got anything you might want to hide? Embarrassing childhood photos? All of your clothes from the ‘80s? Stash them here for safe storage – we bet they’ll never be found.

Whether you choose to explore underwater or above ground, you’ll find tons of pre-European cave paintings by the indigenous Arawak people adorning the cave walls. Never heard of the Arawak people? They invented something near and dear to your heart. You bring it to the beach, find two perfectly spaced trees
  yep, it’s the hammock. Praise the Arawak!

Here are our three favorite caves of Montego Bay —

  1. Widowmaker’s Cave (for the adventure loving scuba divers)

Paddle your way to Widowmaker’s to find barracuda, reef fish, and other denizens of the deep, and check out the walls, which are papered with colorful sponges and black coral. 

  1. Doctor’s Cave (for relaxation)

Drink a little too much rum punch last night? If you’re in the mood for a cave-themed break, head to Doctor’s. A soak in those waters has been said to cure all kinds of ailments for more than a century. Even better – it’s a mere 3 minute walk to Margaritaville Montego Bay!

  1. Green Grotto Cave (to live like a James Bond villain)

Live and Let Die was partially filmed at this gorgeous cave! It has a subterranean lake, which means you can say you swam under the island, Bond-style. Major cool points. If you find you need a margarita afterwards, take the quick drive over to Margaritaville Ocho Rios… ah, relaxation.

Whichever cave you choose, don’t forget to pack your headlamp – you may find some stashed tequila. And if you do, make sure to share it with us on Facebook.