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The Bar in St. Kitts Run by a Pig, a Monkey, and a Goat

A pig, monkey and goat walk into a bar….no, we’re not joking!

One of the things that makes Reggae Bar on St. Kitts unique is the interesting cast of creatures who call the bar home.  First, there’s Wilbur, the famous 660+ pound pig whose hobbies include sleeping and eating.  To keep him company, there’s a monkey named Paisley, Shamus the goat and an assortment of stray cats.  All of these animals were rescued when they were young and spend their days hanging with the bar’s visitors and the enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

The bar’s motto, “Island time, rush slowly” pretty much says it all! With panoramic views across the bay, reggae music and endless combinations of frozen cocktails, this beachfront watering hole is in a perpetual state of happy hour.  

Reggae Bar is located a little off the beaten path. Isn’t that where you find all the best bars? It’s set along Cockleshell Bay at the southern tip of the island.  The idyllic setting offers palm trees and panoramic views across the bay to St. Kitts’ sister island of Nevis. Sounds like paradise to us!   

The bar is popular among locals as well as visitors from around the world. You’ll find folks limin’ all hours of the day and night.  To “lime” is to delight in all the good things in life and Kittians have elevated this to an art form.  You can enjoy sipping cocktails with your feet tucked in the warm sand, listening to live music, snorkeling off shore along the reefs or hanging out with friends.  We think limin’ sounds pretty darn awesome!

At Reggae Bar you can easily chill for a few hours or an entire day savoring some rum therapy, lounging and simply relishing “de life on da beach.”  

So, who is ready to lime with us?