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A Must-See Natural Pool Named After Panty Hose? Yup.

Grab your swimming shorts and head to Tobago’s natural infinity pool surrounded by enchanting coral reefs.

Barely a mile off the shore of Tobago sits a 3-foot-deep swimming pool infinitely more impressive than any luxury resort. Nylon Pool, nestled in Tobago’s stunning Buccoo reef, is a naturally occurring shallow white ground coral “pool.” Surrounded by larger coral reefs, tourists and locals alike love boating out for a dip in the waist-deep waters. But wait a minute, “nylon?” As in pantyhose? Yes! We can explain.

In 1962, Princess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth lI’s younger sister) waded out into what was then known as “Dan’s pool” on her honeymoon and declared, “It’s so crazy-blue, it looks like nylon!” Her comparison to nylon makes sense, as the sheer and clear panty hose material had been invented only a few years earlier and was still quite new. The princess’s words spread, and the name “Nylon Pool” has stuck ever since.

What the pool should really be called is Magical Nylon Pool. Legend has it the pool carries mystical powers. One dip will bring men growth in a (ahem) particular area, and women will become ten years younger. As for couples, a kiss under the waves ensures you’ll be together forever. We’re gonna pretend we buy into this. What’s the harm?

Whether you buy it or not, put the Nylon pool at the top of your Trinidad and Tobago to-do list. You might not leave looking ten years younger, but the chance to wade in nature’s “infinity pool” and swim around with a variety of corals and colorful parrot fish make it undeniably worthwhile.