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Dip Your Toes into Diamond Falls

It’s easy to forget the actual vacation part of taking a trip. Crowds, long lines, crying kids and falling coconuts can all be overwhelming, even in paradise. But don’t forget why you came here in the first place: to heal your body and soul. And now the lump on your forehead from that darn coconut! You need an escape from the escape you originally escaped to.

A 2,000-acre tropical wonderland awaits you at Diamond Falls, St. Lucia, where the healing mineral waters repair the damage from all those rum punches. It’s not easy to stand out amongst all of the natural beauty of St. Lucia, but Diamond Falls manages to be paradise within paradise. Bursting with colorful flowers beneath towering trees, lined pathways guide you in all directions, but fear not brave explorer, for a natural gorge lies ahead no matter which path you choose. But wait, isn’t this place called Diamond Falls? Unlike your typical waterfall, the source comes from water that bubbles to the surface from underground sulfur springs, which in turn stream downhill.

The main attraction has to be the mineral pools: the water is rich with nutrients that cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. For all the mineral buffs out there, quartz, gypsum, kaolinite and goethite are just a few of the natural minerals found in the area.

So make a trip over to Soufrière, or Sue-feeeee-airrrrr as your mother-in law pronounces it. Located just outside of town, Diamond Falls awaits: a tonic for the soul. Hop into those mineral baths and let your worries slip away. And if you feel an ounce of guilt for ditching your party, just remember these 2 words everyone should have in their vocabulary: “Treat yourself.”