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A Very Important Competition

On your mark . . . get set . . . CRAWL!

Okay, maybe hermit crabs are not your first idea of speed, but they may be the last word in entertainment. After all, they can’t even walk in a straight line, which makes them pretty perfect for a bar crawl.  

On Monday nights at the Owl Beach and Sports Bar on Grand Anse Beach the beer flows, the beach beckons and the crustaceans dash, carrying their tiny houses on their backs. It’s the ultimate in mobile homes.

Around 9 pm, the bar’s manager/referee/bookie brings out a bucket of crabs, draws a circle in the sand, and starts collecting $2 bets (drink included). Just don’t try any bribes, monetary or otherwise, as he’s a straight shooter. Now you name your team and pick your racer. Be sure to pick a looker, ‘cause you have to kiss your athlete before they start: it’s considered good luck, if not good hygiene. Once the bets are all in, the manager dumps out the bucket. And they’re off!  The punters kneel down to get their racers’ attention, and they cheer, jeer and heckle the crabs to try to keep them on track.

If your guy was a little slow tonight, don’t fret – the slowest of the night is also a winner. Sounds like an evening where everyone wins, places, and gets a great show!