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Are You Secretly a Luchador?

There are many wondrous locales to explore in Mexico, but there’s nothing as uniquely Mexican as Lucha Libre! We’re betting you’ve made a bet in a bar at least once that landed you duking it out in the ring. 

Mexico’s take on professional wrestling, Lucha Libre is a relatively new phenomena, yet it’s second only to soccer in terms of popularity.

The origins can be traced to 1863, when Enrique Ugartechea, the very first Mexican luchador, infused the Greco-Roman style of grappling with local flavors. After a fair amount of time, Lucha Libre finally “arrived” with El Santo in 1942, the most recognizable luchador of them all. Even if you don’t know him by name, you surely know his iconic silver mask.

In fact, the masks are the heart and soul of the sport, as the identity of luchadors is fiercely protected. They are basically living, breathing comic book heroes. And just like comic book heroes, luchadors never age – personas are passed down to family members. 

The best place to catch a match is Mexico City — grab a can of cerveza, and Grandma, and let’s go find a great fight! You might just find yourself flying through the air and finding your inner-luchador.