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Liquid Courage: Two Aquatic Adventures You’re Gonna Love

With its pristine beaches and crystal clear warm Caribbean waters, how can you resist water sports in Belize? There are countless options, so to make the choice a little bit easier for you, we narrowed it down to two fun-lovin’ options. Pack your bathing suit, take your pick, and let’s go!

  1. Cave Tubing

Adventure in Belize isn’t limited to the beach. Cave tubing is one of most exciting things you can do on a Belize vacation, and it’s a great way to cool off from the sun. Not only is it a thrilling ride, it’s also a fascinating historical learning experience.  You scoot down into your tube, and off you go — touring the Mayan underworld, the beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations, stunning crystal curtains, fire pits, wall carvings and glyph writings, and even the skeletons of sacrificial victims. All while sailing through the dips and turns of the cave. It’s like an historical roller coaster!

Can’t get to Belize, but dying to hop in a tube and explore? Check out these rivers in The States. It might not be Belize, but we can pretend!

  1.   Kitesurfing

This awesome hybrid water-sport combines the zen of surfing with the big air tricks of skateboarding. Part surfing, part wake-boarding, part paragliding, it’ll definitely get your blood pumping.

Long Caye Island is a prime location for kitesurfing, as the island’s situated on a reef separating the open sea from a calm water lagoon, allowing you to enjoy a gentle, relaxing ride, or the rough and tumble excitement of harder water – whatever floats your boat (or kite).

You can take personal lessons with an instructor or join a kitesurfing school for a day or two. Keep your eyes peeled for spotted eagles, sea turtles, and coral. 

Trying to learn from the masters? Check out the video below for some inspiration to get excited!

Image: Flickr