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Nicaragua’s Best Kept Caffeine Secret

Can’t give up your coffee fix no matter where you are on the planet? In Nicaragua, satisfying your craving is easy and delicious. Whether you’re about to start the day exploring historic Nicaragua or winding down from hours spent sightseeing, don’t skip strolling along Calle Real Xalteva and tucking into the gorgeous Café Espressionista!

Tucked into a historic colonial building, the artistic space is bright, modern and flooded in natural light. Chances are high you’ll even see the co-owner himself, Andrés Lazar, behind the coffee counter. Lazar’s background makes it easy to understand why the menu is so globally-influenced, as he spent 10 years overseas during the Nicaraguan Revolution. After working as a waiter at the Chateau Marmont, as a hotel manager in London, and as an NYU-trained documentarian, he now considers himself a “cultural curator” tasked with bringing together Nicaraguans and expats to celebrate local farmers and artisans. He’s succeeding!

The menu is on par with any five-star foodie haven, offering daring dishes like osso bucco tagliatelle, ajo blanco (a raw soup featuring almonds, watermelon and garlic-infused artisanal oils) and a hot pink dragon fruit parfait. Take a bite and prepare for all your worries to melt away.

Lazar and co-owner Zoltan Puzsar feature tantalizing offerings from local artisan cheese makers, ham smokers, organic farmers, craft beer brewers and livestock ranchers. Camembert-style cheese from the mountain town of Matagalpa? Check!

But most importantly… how can you take Nicaragua’s best cafe home with you? Head to the cafe’s website and get yourself some freshly-roasted coffee beans online. Or, we dare you to try to make your own version of Dragon Fruit Parfait with this recipe. You’re just a few steps away from your own Nicaraguan paradise.