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4 can’t miss spots to visit in New Orleans

From fiery cocktails to glassblowing, Savannah Jane Buffett shows you her best New Orleans #SavvySpots. If NOLA wasn’t already on your bucket list, it definitely will be now!

Can’t get enough NOLA? We’ve got you covered with a few more spots to check out, after Savvy’s, of course.


4 spots to hit before (or after) your NOLA swamp tour

By Margaritaville


  • Best dive: Old Point Bar

    By Margaritaville

    Sitting right along the west bank of the Mississippi is the Old Point Bar, a legendary low key, old times, no frills bar. Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city (15th Ward) or as it’s most commonly referred to: Algiers. Good beer, great music, and an old country atmosphere.

  • Best hidden gem: M.S. Rau Antiques

    By Margaritaville

    It’s not a matter of if but when the downpour strikes. Dive into M.S. Rau Antiques, where a mini-adventure awaits. Once inside, politely ask to see the “secret room.” You may find a rare Monet or Norman Rockwell painting, along with statues and unique furniture fit for a king.

  • Act like a local: The Black Penny

    By Margaritaville

    Sometimes you just have to give in and accept it: you’re a tourist in New Orleans and you want to do touristy things. Well, a trip to the Crescent City isn’t complete without at least a sip of its official drink: the Sazerac. Chat up the locals hanging out here and enjoy a fantastic drink without breaking the bank.

  • Swamp tour fuel: The Ruby Slipper Cafe

    By Margaritaville

    You’re gonna need a good breakfast to prepare you for the air boat madness to come on your swamp tour. This place has it all. Bananas foster, eggs cochon, fried chicken benedict… yeah. And don’t forget to take order an extra bloody mary for the road. We all need a little liquid courage when presented with a swamp gator.