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6 Out of Office Replies That Show Your Co-Workers You’re Serious About Vacationing

The “Itinerary”

Show your coworkers how serious you are about your vacation by laying out each and every detail of your vacation plan down to the minute. Whether it’s lounging on a beach, climbing a mountain, a staycation, or all of the above, this OOO shows everyone you’re serious about vacay down to each detail you had your intern Todd coordinate, before you left.

The “This Could Be You”

Be a real team player and instead of just your standard OOO, include a link to an online digital photo account with your coworkers’ photoshopped into your vacation photos. They get to imagine themselves in a better place while you get to imagine what Todd the intern looks like without his shirt on.

The “What Gift Do You Want?”

You’re so skilled at the vacation scene that you’re not only going to live your best life, but you’re bringing back a piece of it for everyone else. In this OOO you include our own google doc, that lets your coworkers choose what type of present you’ll bring them back. You take care of them that much, you’ll be the vacay-king.

The “New Phone Who Dis?”

Nothing says you’re serious about your vacation like pretending you don’t even have your co-workers emails.

The “Commencement Speech”

Anyone can leave an auto-response telling coworkers they’re in Margaritaville, but   but you’re chilling so hard on your vacation you’re ready to drop some knowledge, in the form of this commencement speech by David Foster Wallace. While you catch rays on sandy beaches, your coworkers can contemplate some dandy speeches.  It’s a chance to inspire a stranger, to remind them what they’re working for, heck maybe even to quit their day job, or at least demand the vacation they deserve. Who knows? Maybe, they’ll be at the cabana next to yours in just a few days.

The “I Left You Something”

How serious are you about vacations? Well serious enough that you left a sweet surprise in the break-room for all your co-workers. What is it? Well you better get there quickly. Hustle before someone else finds it first, Todd!