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Let’s Make The Shark Tank

Not that we need an excuse to sip on a LandShark Lager and escape to the beach on a Thursday in the middle of fall, but National American Beer Day on October 27th gives us one. Our tips to observe the holiday and quench your thirst? Be traditional with an ice cold LandShark, add in a shot of Margaritaville Island Lime Tequila to load your lager, or really get your fins up with the recipe below. “Hoppy” National American Beer Day!

The Shark Tank
6oz. LandShark Lager
6oz. Of your favorite frozen margarita
1ea. Gummy shark

Make It:
1)      Add gummy shark to the bottom of the glass
2)      Fill glass half way with frozen margarita
3)      Fill remainder of the glass with LandShark Lager
4)      Garnish with a lime wedge
Makes one 14 ounce serving.