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5 Movie Theater Snack Hacks for Your Next Movie Adventure

When the beach isn’t an option (ugh, winter is coming) we like to head to the movies for a different kind of adventure. And when it comes to seeing movies, we all know snacks are the most important part! To help you out, we put together a few hacks to improve your snacking experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy these handy tricks for the next time your crew heads to see that new flick.

Butter it up-with a straw

Next time you order popcorn, place a straw under the butter machine’s nozzle so you can dip it deep into your popcorn bag. This will evenly distribute the butter over the kernels and reach the all that salty popcorn at the bottom of the bag. So. Buttery.

Savory & sweet: chocolatey, salty popcorn

If you’re the type that likes a little sweet with your salty, this hack is for you. Toss some M&M’s — or, even better, creamy Milk Duds — right into your popcorn. Then just shake the whole thing up. As you snack, the little pops of chocolate will lend a deliciously sweet surprise in the midst of the buttery popcorn.

Sriracha-ify it

We’re not saying you need to carry the full-size bottle of hot sauce in your bag (swag) but a teeny little bottle will do the trick when the lights go out in the theater. Douse your popcorn with a few dabs of this magic along with a little shredded parmesan cheese (which you’ll have to remember to bring from home as well), and you’ll have gourmet popcorn.

Bring the mustard from home

Sure, other theatergoers might judge you, but you won’t care when you’re enjoying the tastiest soft pretzel at the movie theatre. Tote a small jar of grain mustard in your bag and dip bites of your soft pretzel in it. Beats out movie theater mustard any day!

Go healthy with plastic bags of whole foods

Maybe the kids have had their fill of sour candies, frozen slurpees, and nachos for the day … okay, who are we kidding, this snack is for you. Stock up ahead of time with little plastic sandwich bags filled with apple slices, dried fruit and carrots. Enjoy all the traditional movie theater snacks during the previews like we all do. Then, when it’s time for snack-time round two (after the second hour of the movie), you’ll feel less guilty breaking into your healthy snacks!