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240 Miles to the Beach

You know when you’re sitting on the beach and, with a little jealousy in your eye, you see people on a float, in the water, laughing and having a good ol’ time?

Well, I don’t.

I don’t because I AM those people. That’s me…waist high bouncing from wave to wave, soaking up as much sun and saltwater as humanly possible. As soon as I cross that bridge, I go from being “Work Tom” to “Fun Tom.”

And for all the neighboring beach goers with FOMO…yup, I got you.  This year, I’ve come prepared with two extra floats just for you. But don’t thank me, thank the action takers, the move makers and the float bringers who came before me. They were the fabric of the beach who inspired me.

Every journey starts somewhere and mine starts with my floats, 240 miles from the beach.