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Margaritaville University: Meet AJ

My name is AJ Potts and Iā€™m a Margaritaville College Ambassador from West Chester University. The Margaritaville lifestyle has always been a part of my life, even before I knew it. Growing up in Philadelphia and spending most of my summers in Long Beach Island, NJ, I have always appreciated the vacation lifestyle. I try to work it in to my everyday life, even when Iā€™m studying at school with no beach in sight. MargU has been a great outlet to share that state of mind with my friends and family of all ages. One example…this past summer I got to see Jimmy Buffett in concert and it was such a positive atmosphere that I couldnā€™t wait to share with my campus.

My first experience with Margaritaville was when my aunt and uncle had a Margaritaville themed wedding in Cancun. It was my first time traveling out of the country, so I was excited for the adventure. I remember leading a conga line at the reception while wearing a parrot feathered headband in celebration.

Since then, there has been a steady flow of Jimmy Buffett albums played throughout the familyā€™s shore house in LBI, the place we celebrate the island lifestyle all together.