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April Ambassador of the Month: Meet Isabelle

What is your name? Isabelle Repinksi

What school do you go to? Ole Miss – Hotty Toddy!

What is your major? I’m a double major in Marketing and Spanish

Tell us a little bit about yourself…I’m wrapping up my Junior year at Ole Miss, and I have been a Parrothead my entire life! I’m from Dallas, Texas. When I’m not at school in Mississippi, I love to travel, especially around Mexico and the Caribbean. This is my fourth semester as a MargU ambassador and I love being able to promote Margaritaville around Ole Miss!

What is your favorite Jimmy Buffett song? “Landfall,” “One Particular Harbor,” “Migration,” and classic “Cheeseburger in Paradise!” I can’t pick just one!

What would you teach at Margaritaville University? JB101- History of Mr. Buffett!

What have you learned professionally from the College Ambassador Program? When I started as a College Ambassador, I thought that I had a set path of what exactly I wanted to do. However, not long after becoming an ambassador, I found myself changing my major to Marketing! Through being an ambassador, I was able to find out what I really enjoy and what I would like to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve been able to learn exactly what “Growing Older But Not Up” means, and the past four semesters have taught me so many marketing skills, all while having fun and spreading the Margaritaville vibe around campus. I can’t wait to see what else I can learn from the program in the future!

Why did you want to be a MargU ambassador? When I first heard about the program, I knew that I had to apply! Margaritaville is who I am, and has been a part of so many memories I’ve made. Being able to combine a brand that I love with a school which is really where “I Have Found Me A Home”, has been such a fun experience!!

If you could spend a day with Jimmy Buffett, what would you do? Sail around and hear all of his stories! I’m dying to know what his perfect “Boat Drink” is.

What is your favorite Jimmy lyric? “I got a Caribbean soul I can barely control and some Texas hidden here in my heart” because I’m Texan who gets to the Caribbean every chance I get!

What is your favorite margarita recipe? One of my favorite traditions growing up is our weekly “Mexican Friday Nights,” where my mom cooks a great meal, and my dad makes his famous margaritas.

Here’s the recipe:

Serve on the rocks or break out the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker!

What is your first Margaritaville memory? I was almost too young to remember! Our family had just built a pool, and my Parrothead parents had “Songs You Know By Heart” playing on repeat. Around this time I got my first CD, “The Parakeet Album”, and my parents would read me “The Jolly Mon” or “Trouble Dolls” when they’d tuck me in.

How many Margaritaville locations have you been to? Which one is your favorite and why? Too many to count! Whenever our family takes a vacation, we always find ourselves in a Margaritaville! From eating Cheeseburgers in Paradise in Cancun, the waterslide in Grand Cayman, relaxing on the beach in Grand Turk, the Landshark Bar & Grill in Harvest Caye, to the waterslide and trampolines into the ocean in Montego Bay, it is too hard to pick a favorite! Last winter, while on the Norwegian Getaway, we enjoyed the Margaritaville at Sea on board, and were sure to stop in at every port (Harvest Caye, Grand Turk, and Cozumel)!

What is your favorite memory of Margaritaville University? My favorite memory of being a MargU Ambassador was attending the Dallas show in the “I Don’t Know” tour last summer. It was so much fun to meet other ambassadors in the License 2 Chill lounge at the pre-show party, and to be able to talk with the Coral Reefer band too!

Hotty Toddy and Fins Up!!!!