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Wasting Away in Margaritaville Montego Bay

While vacationing in Montego Bay, there’s one spot you are bound to visit – the Hip Strip. This trendy street is filled with souvenir shops, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs… and its backdrop just so happens to be the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea!

There are tons of restaurants and cafes to choose from along the Hip Strip, but there is one that tops them all – Margaritaville Montego Bay. This restaurant is one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett restaurants, and it was also the highlight of our trip.

Having been to over ten of the Margaritaville restaurants, let me tell you why Montego Bay stands in a league of its own.

Incredible Views
Jamaica has some of the most transparent, colorful waters I have seen, and Margaritaville was designed to showcase this!

Located at the perfect spot along the strip, the entire restaurant hosts panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

Sipping on a tropical beverage while overlooking the blue waters below makes it oh so easy to lose track of time and enter into a Margaritaville State of Mind.

Fantastic Food and Drinks
A great view will only get you so far if you don’t have delicious food to back it up. Luckily Margaritaville hit the nail on the head with its classic American and authentic jerk cuisine. I had the BBQ Jerk Chicken, which was both perfectly seasoned and juicy. Later in the afternoon, we devoured some Volcano Nachos – I’m not sure if it was the margaritas, but those were some of the best nachos I’ve ever had!

We also sampled a few of the beach-worthy cocktails on the menu; from the classic margarita to various daiquiris and everything in between, we were definitely the women to blame by the time we left!

There is a reason we spent the better part of the day at this restaurant. It is so much more than a spot to get lunch and a drink; it’s an escape from the daily grind, and it’s packed with all sorts of entertainment.

For starters, there are two levels to maximize the already impressive views. Although you can dine on both floors, the top deck is perfect for relaxing and taking in the landscape. It also boasts a 120 ft. water slide that takes you plunging into the Caribbean Sea and straight towards the aqua park.

Here you can spend hours snorkeling in the turquoise waters, jumping on the trampoline, sliding down the giant water slide, or simply sunbathing while soaking in the sights.

Once you’re completely worn out – or just need a refreshing beverage – make your way back to the patio for some live music and dance the night away at the seaside nightclub!

Great Service
Like all Margaritaville’s, the staff at Montego Bay was exceptional. From the moment we walked in, until hours later when we strolled out, they were incredibly friendly and attentive to our needs. By the end of the day we had become friends with the bartenders and even a few locals!

The atmosphere was beyond welcoming and with great food, fantastic views and Jimmy Buffett playing in the background of this tropical paradise – what more could a girl ask for!

About the Author: I’m Sarah and I love exploring our planet and learning from its many wonders. You can follow my adventures and insights on my blog Happy travels and fins up!